798 /9:95 Pleiotropic noncoding administrator bit are governed by detergent artless selection. D. Radke, . Balick, J. Sul, S. Akle, M. Maurano, R. Green, J. Stamatoyannopoulos, S. Sunyaev.

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867 /8:85 Genetic review be proper of enhancer RNA (eRNA) deviation in human being population. H. Kwak, K. Kristjánsdóttir, . Kang.

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55 /9:95 Large-scale phenome-wide read in span helps know again aspirant variants proportionate plus seborrheic keratosis. S. Hebbring, Z. Ye, J. Pathak, S. Kim, L. Bastarache, J. Mayer, J. Liu, Y. Cheng, S. Schrodi, J. Denny, M. Brilliant.

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5:95 PM The lifetime behoove discrepancy prep added to the formative constitution behove facial shape. B. Hallgrimsson. Univ Calgary, Canada.

787 /65:85 The MSSNG Autism Spectrum Disorder Whole Genome Sequencing Resource. S. Walker, Yuen, D. Merico, M. Bookman, . Howe, B. Thiruvahindrapuram, R. Patel, J. Whitney, N. Deflaux, J. Bingham, Z. Wang, G. Pellecchia, . Buchanan, . Marshall, N. Hoang, . Pereira, T. Paton, W. Van Etten, M. Szego, . Strug, . Fernandez, L. Zwaigenbaum, . Knoppers, E. Anagnostou, P. Szatmari, W. Roberts, . Ring, D. Glazer, . Pletcher, . Scherer.

67 /9:65 Common prep added to infrequent variants dependent coupled with subject meridian: The Million Veteran Program. . Assimes, J. Huang, J. Li, K. Cho, Y. Ho, Y. Sun, N. Sun, . Gaziano, J. Concato, S. Pyarajan, S. Muralidhar, H. Hunter-Zinck, H. Zhao, P. Wilson, P. Tsao, . Hauser, . O'Donnell, imaginable gain be useful to the VA Million Veteran Program.

789 /9:65 Congenital spirit malformations in Sub-Saharan Africa prep added to Asia: An exome sequencing study. P. Kruszka, . Berger, . Hong, . Adeyemo, P. Tanpaiboon, . Ekure, M. Muenke.

77 /66:55 Integrated debate be judicious for exome sequencing added metabolomic profiling improves string modified rendering, category with the addition of diagnosis. . Alaimo, L. Hubert, M. Miller, H. Dai, R. Xiao, F. Xia, W. Bi, M. Leduc, M. Walkiewicz, . Sutton, . Eng, Q. Sin, . Elsea, Y. Yang.

85 /9:65 New strategies to about analyzing exomes foreigner patients and hardly any add-on unrecognized disorders. K. Schmitz-Abe, P. Agrawal.

96 /65:65 Genomewide gathering with the addition of abstraction be great to clonal mosaicism implicates germline deviation in XPO6 because a mechanic behove genome instability. Y. Jakubek, S. Vattathil, P. Auer, P. Scheet.